Copolyesteris new series of transparent engineering plastics with the perfect combination of high transparency, outstanding impact resistance, and excellent chemical resistance. Its total transmittance reaches 91% which can meet the transparency required for organic glass. Eastman Copolyester offers similar, or even greater impact strength and toughness than polycarbonate (PC) which is suitable for plastic injection molding, extrusion molding, and extrusion blow molding processing for the transparent materials applications such as cosmetics packaging, domestic appliances, toothbrushes, toys, medical equipment, blow molded bottles, thin films, sheets, etc.
Features of Eastman Copolyesters:
  1. High clarity and gloss with good scratch resistance
  2. Great toughness, impact resistance and flexibility
  3. Excellent chemical resistance
  4. Improved process ability with good flooding and great color stability, can be applied to plastic injection molding, extrusion molding, and extrusion blow molding processing.
  5. Compliance with FDA requirements
Product Category of Eastman Copolyesters
  • PCTA series:AN001; AN004;DS1010;DS2010; BR001; BR003
  • PCTG series:Z6015; Z6018; EB062;DN001;DN011;
  • PETG series:GN001; GN019; GN010; GN120; GN046; GN071; 6763;0603; K3000
  • TRITAN series:TX1001; TX1501; TX2001; EX401
  • CA series:CA 105-21;CA 105-27;CA 105-33
  • CAP series:CAP 360-07; CAP 360-12; CAP 360-16
  • CAB series:CAB 360-05; CAB 360-10; CAB 360-23


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